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First Time Home Buyers Tipsfirst time home buyer in battle ground wa

At Coldwell Banker, our focus it to help those new to the real estate world get
valuable information to obtaining their first home. 

Here are some tips to help in that process.

There is nothing more confusing then not knowing where you stand financially. Make sure you get a copy of your credit report and know all your income, debts, liabilities and assets. Make sure you have an emergency cushion for repairs, earnest money and inspection costs. Don't learn about your finances when you are face to face with a lender. You don't want any surprises there.

This is second on the list because if you do this first you may find a home you love, only to discover you can't afford it. Once you know how much you can afford and have a pre-approval letter in hand, then you can not be disappointed when you look for homes and put in an offer.

Make a list of those items or amenities you know you want and those you know you don't, then note which ones are negotiable. This will help when choosing the right home. Also, take a drive by of the property before you even involve your agent. If you hate the neighborhood it would only waste your time.

We cannot stress this enough. This is possibly the largest investment you may ever make and don't make the mistake of not knowing as much as you can about it before you buy it. Get additional inspections if recommended. It can save you thousands if you know up front the wiring needs replacing or the home needs a new $12,000 septic system. Get the facts and know what your investment is actually costing you.

With these simple tips, you can step into homeownership confident and ready to move forward. Give us a call for all Battle Ground homes and properties. We service the entire Clark county real estate area and have agents that
specifically help buyers only.

We are excited to work with you!