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Property Search Tips when Home Buying

Searching for property in a flooded market can be quite exhausting. Finding what you really want is like searching for a needle in a haystack. With so many similar homes on the market, how is the best way to approach a home search?

Know What You Need:

This is different than what you want. Start making a list of all the things you really need in a home. Start with the basics: How many bedrooms, bathrooms etc. Think of how many rooms you will NEED for each person in your family. Will you need extra for a guest room? Office? Den? Library? Playroom? Also consider the space you need. Get an idea of square footage from what you live in now. Most people start off with 1000 - 1400 in a starter home, apartment or condo. Do you need more than that?

What About The Lot?

Are you looking for space to garden or take care of or a simple no yard or zero lot line property? Do you care if you are next to your neighbor by a few feet or are you looking into several acres or anywhere in between? Think of animals and pets you have now and if you are going to add to that number in the future.  The more landscape and water features the more time and energy you will need to put into it.  What about the driveway, garage or parking? Do you prefer street parking? Level driveway and/or 2-3 car garage? Do you want a work space outside or inside the garage?

Consider Features Inside the Home.

Where do you spend most of your time now and would you do the same in a new home? Do you like quiet solitude or don't mind some traffic noise? Consider where a home sits in conjunction with train tracks, freeways or rivers. Is there a safety issue with children, fenced yard? Too easy of access to the roads? Do you need a family room as well as a formal living room? Same with the dining room, formal and/or eating space (nook). Does the kitchen window look out to the yard for easy visibility of playing children? Who else can see your children in the backyard? How important is this to you?

Think About the Amenities You Use.

Does the laundry facilities in the garage pose a problem? Are they too far away from the bedrooms? Does the home come furnished with most appliances and are they the energy source you desire? Gas, Propane, Electricity, etc.. Would there be anything you wish you had now that you would desire in the new home? Anything you hate now and would steer clear of?

These may be a lot of issues to think about but starting off here is a good place to get your list going. Once you have looked for some homes online, take a drive by before calling your agent and see if they still fit the criteria from the street.
 Once you narrow down several that work for your situation, give your agent a call and let them know so you can get a closer look.

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