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Short sales in Battle Ground Washington

If you are currently behind in your mortgage payment, not sure how you will make it up or facing possible foreclosure, you need to know there are options to getting out of your situation. buying a home in battle ground wa

There are other options when it comes to avoiding foreclosure but the biggest step you must take is to inform your lender of your situation.

There are steps they can take. Some of those may include:

Loan Workout - This is where your lender may temporarily reduce or suspend your payments, giving you some time to get back on your feet.

Refinance - Many times, a simple refinance can give you that month break you may need to catch up.

Loan Modification - Your lender may be able to change some of your terms and modify your current loan into a more manageable one.

Short Sale - The lender can sell your home for less than what you owe but it's their call as to how they sell.

You can also find other ways of avoiding foreclosure. You might consider a partial bankruptcy, renting space in your home, or other quick money-making tactics.

But again, the number one thing you need to be doing is contacting your lender first and foremost. They can't help you if they don't know the situation. Don't give up. If you need help our Short Sale agents are here to assist you. We want to walk you through the best plan for your needs.

If you are behind on your monthly payments, contact us or your lender immediately. We can help get you back on track and on with your life. We are experts in Vancouver and Battle Ground Short Sales.

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