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Welcome to Ridgefield, Washington!

Ridgefield, Washington is a gorgeous community located in Clark County in Southwest Washington. Originally, the Ridgefield area was inhabited by the Chinook tribe, which spent many years hunting and gathering alongside the banks of the Columbia River. The Chinook Indians were attracted to the abundant forest setting and the ease that came with living near a river with plenty of fishing and hunting opportunities. They settled along the banks of Lake River, a tributary to the Columbia River, and stayed there until 1876 when they were relocated to Lewis River. The area was also explored by Captain Meriwether Lewis and his partner William Clark, twice on their famous Expedition towards the Pacific Ocean. The American explorers noted the region for the extensive wildlife and the encounters they had with the Chinook Tribe and other Native Americans along the gorge.

Development of the area began in the 1800’s when American settlers began to colonize the town. In 1840 a gentleman names James Carty filed the first Land Donation Claim and became the first non-native to homestead in Ridgefield and Clark County. Later his nephew also settled there, along with a man named Frederick Shobert who claimed 320 acres of Ridgefield for logging purposes. In the years following many Americans were drawn to the Clark County region, and soon the community was established. According to Ridgefield's History, the locality was originally named “Union Ridge”  because of the many service members who populated the area and originated from the Union Ranks of the Civil War. In 1890, after a petition was put in place to rename the town, Union Ridge became Ridgefield. In the years following the region experienced steady growth until it became the community it is today.

According to the City of Ridgefield, the town is one of the fastest growing communities in Washington State. Downtown Ridgefield is about 20 minutes north of Portland, Oregon, and about 2.5 hours away from Seattle, WA. The city is made up of many newcomers who are attracted to the nature filled setting and family-friendly attractions, schools, and parks within Ridgefield’s neighborhoods, in addition to longtime residents that have loved the area since inception. Many of the descendants of the original pioneering families that inhabited Ridgefield in the 1800’s still live in the region today and have played a prominent role in development.

Situated perfectly among the mountains ranges, river valleys, and the Pacific coastline, the developing city is the perfect launching point for those interested in adventure. According to Livability, Ridgefield has 5,693 residents within the town, with the average settler being about 37 years old. Although the region is on the rise, Ridgefield's blooming demeanor hasn’t impacted the deep sense of community residents of Ridgefield feel towards one another. It is a wonderful place to raise your family or open a small business, and our close-knit community is very welcoming of new neighbors. 

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