Homes for Sale in Battle Ground WA

Many homeowners launch themselves into selling their home before they have even done any staging whatsoever.

Here is a practical guide to staging your home for sale.

Before you begin decorating and laying out the home, make sure you have done a thorough cleaning. It even helps to have a professional company come in and clean because they will clean things you may have overlooked or forgotten about. Such things as sliding door tracks, window sills and inside of light fixtures tend to go un-noticed by  homeowners but buyers tend to see these things first.

Once your home is spotless then you can start to stage. For excellent ideas and suggestions, visit some model homes in the area and see how professionals set up the home. Observe colors and decor and even though it's neutral, it still adds a warmth and hominess to the house.

Keep colors simple. No bright red kitchens or purple bathrooms. Color is fine as long as it blends with everything and everyone. You can't please everyone but you can certainly avoid tailoring to one gender or another. Keep floral designs or masculine hard lines to a minimum. Coffee colored walls with bright white trim is soft and inviting. Make sure all the light covers and plug in covers are new or in top notch condition.

As for layout, again study the design of model homes. You can also check out open houses in the area and see how they excel or hinder the layout. You can take notes on the flow of the room. Make sure each room is set up for what it was originally designed for. Don't have the office in a make-shift dining room or the toy room in the living room, etc.. Buyers want to know and be shown what each room can be used for. Make sure the flow is clearly defined. If one room flows to another make sure the direction of the room and traffic area is clear and unobstructed. Keep clutter at bay and remove most of the items from the room. Simple is best and it shows off the square footage better which is exactly what potential buyers are purchasing.

Take down all personal photos, collections and nick nacks. Buyers don't want to be distracted by your personal things or pictures. They want to see the bones of the home and this is done tastefully by keeping minimal art on the walls but still have items that showcase the space well.

Don't neglect the outside of the home either when staging. The curb appeal can send buyers driving off before even seeing the home; or inviting them in for a closer look. Keep weeds pulled, grass mowed and trimmed and all shrubs, trees and bushes properly pruned and out of the way. This may be another area where hiring someone that specializes in landscaping may come in handy.

For more tips on your specific home or to have a listing presentation including a complete walk through of your home please contact us below. We are experts in selling Vancouver WA homes and real estate.

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