Homes for Sale in Battle Ground WA

Short Sales in Battle Ground Washington

Once you have decided to short sale your home it helps to be aware of the steps involved in the upcoming process.buying a home in battle ground wa

You will need to contact a short sale agent to help you through all these steps. It can be a scary process if you are unaware of the details that must be done.

You will need to write a letter of hardship to your lender describing the situation and why you can't pay your mortgage. This may include something along the lines of unemployment, divorce, death in the family, bankruptcy, medical emergency or relocation.

You need to include your proof of income and outgo typically for the last couple years if you can.

This may be called a short sale but it typically is anything but. Short Sales can last for months and buyers and sellers need to be prepared for the long haul.

Once the bank approves the short sale, the home will be listed and it will be up to the bank to decide on the buyer and the offer. As a seller you can relax at this point and start to pack knowing your debt is taken care of and you can move on shortly.

Here are the steps once the offer reaches the bank:

Once the approval is signed and the buyer and the bank have agreed and signed off on the transaction you can move out and on with your life. It's getting to this point that can be stressful. Let our Battle Ground short sale agents handle all your needs and steps. We know short sales and can help process your transaction smoothly and efficiently.