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Welcome to Vancouver, Washington! 

Vancouver, Washington is a gorgeous community that is perched along the North bank of the Columbia River in Clark County. The city is directly across from Portland, Oregon, giving residents easy access to the border in addition to the Portland International Airport which is approximately a 20 minutes drive from downtown Vancouver, WA.  

For thousands of years, Native Americans populated the Clark County region, especially cities like Vancouver that are situated along the Columbia River. The indigenous were attracted to the region because of the flourishing wildlife and lush forest setting, in addition to the luxuries provided by the river. During the 17-1800’s the region experienced significant growth as the first non-natives began to venture up the Columbia River.  These sailors turned out to be American traders who aided in establishing the economy in Clark County. According to the History of Vancouver, “Fort Vancouver” stood as the major trading center for all fur trading in the Pacific Northwest.

In 1792 a British Lieutenant named William Broughton, who served under Captain George Vancouver, traveled 100 miles up the Columbia River. He docked in Vancouver and named the area after his commander. The trading center became a destination for many traders and explorers and later, U.S. servicemen as they were operating throughout Clark County. Over the years “Fort Vancouver” transformed from a recognized fur trading post to a major military base for most of the military men within the Pacific Northwest. In 1849, American troops settled a base in Vancouver and named it the Columbia Barracks. Just under a decade later, on January 23rd, 1857 the City of Vancouver was fully established.

Since then the region has bloomed into the thriving city it is today. Vancouver is recognized for many reasons, the population today may be vastly larger than it was 200 years ago, but the community is still humble, and ingrained with small-town morals. Recently the Vancouver government announced its effort to become the world’s greenest city by the year 2020, a goal that is not only good for the environment but for the community as well. The cities efforts will create jobs and help to strengthen the local economy, in addition to the positive worldly impact. This goes to show you how upstanding the Vancouver community is, and trends that you’ll find throughout the Clark County community at large. Vancouver is a gorgeous city, featuring views of the famous Mt. Hood, and outdoor opportunities around every corner. From river rafting on the Columbia, a day of skiing on Mt Hood, or a family excursion to the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, there are attractions out there for everyone.

Services provided by the City of Vancouver.

Vancouver City Hall
415 W. 6th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Customer Service Center (360-487-8454)

Purchasing/Procurement (360-487-8429)

Financial & Management Services (360-487-8410)

Community Development Block and HOME Programs (360-487-7952)

City Council Offices (360-487-8600)

City Manager’s Office (360-487-8600)

Permit Center (360-487-7800)

Inspection Request Line (360-619-1200)

Code Compliance Hotline (360-487-7810)

Risk Management (360-487-8494)

Human Resources (360-487-8416)

Parks & Recreation (360-487-8311)

Urban Forestry (360-487-8328)