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Battle Ground, WA is located in an optimal part of the state; no matter which direction you travel from Battle Ground your options are limitless. Only about 15 miles from Vancouver, WA, approximately 24 miles from Portland, OR, and approximately 161 miles from Seattle, WA there are a plethora of options at your fingertips. Since Battle Ground is considered in the country, being close to bigger cities make this town an ideal place to live or just visit.

The city is interestingly named after a battle that never happened. There was a nearby battle already in progress between soldiers and the Yakima Indians at Fort Vancouver. While this battle was happening, the settlers became nervous that the nearby Klickitat would decide to join the uprising. Settlers volunteered to guard the unmanned fort and they forced the Klickitat Indians into the Vancouver Barracks. Some of the Indians escaped and when Captain Strong and volunteers searched for the escaped Indians, Captain Strong was able to convince them to come back to the Barracks without engaging in a battle. When the Chief was killed, the circumstances surrounding his death remain uncertain, Strong agreed to allow the tribe to give their chief a proper burial which would take days and the tribe agreed to return to the fort after the burial was completed. The settlers were expecting a battle to ensue, Captain Strong returned without the Indians and they did return as promised but, Captain Strong was already considered a coward and his courage was mocked.

Visitors interested in soaking in some history of this area would enjoy The North Clark Historical Museum, the Pomeroy House which is a living history farm that depicts 1920’s agrarian life in Southwest Washington State, the Cedar Creek Grist Mill, and the Battle Ground, Yacolt & Chelatchie Prairie Railroad.

 If you are more interested in outdoor activities, there are plenty of parks to enjoy such as; Battle Ground Lake State Park, Day Break Park, Lewisville Park, Lucia Falls Park, and Moulton Falls. There is plenty to do here and the surrounding cities for visitors of all ages.

This city not only has a lot of character to offer newcomers but, it is in close proximity to the bigger cities with even more to offer. Travelers headed to Battle Ground, WA would most likely fly into Portland, OR, there is bus service that is available as well, or if driving; visitors would be able to access Battle Ground from Interstate 5 or Interstate 205. Driving would be ideal since there is so much to see and enjoy while in Battle Ground. Your days can be filled with learning the history of the area, enjoying one of the many parks, spending the day at the lake, or taking a drive to the shore for a day at the beach; newcomers cannot go wrong with Battle Ground, WA. Photo Source: Cityofbg

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